First Strike T15 Sniper Rifle - The Scout Bolt Action DMR

First Strike Bolt Action Paintball Scout Rifle



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The FS Scout is First Strike Paintball's first standalone bolt Action Paintball Sniper Rifle. This is not a modified T15 Rifle, it’s a new platform built from ground up and made specifically for paintball snipers. If you’re out there using First Strikes and chasing the elusive one-shot paintball elimination or the one-shot paintball kill this is the best paintball sniper rifle for you!

This First Strike Paintball Sniper Rifle uses a Nelson based engine (fires from a closed bolt) with an auto-triggering functionality which makes this paintball sniper rifle a crazy consistent mag-fed paintball gun (the better the consistency, the better the accuracy). A First Strike 13ci Cadet Tank is included with the package as the paintball rifle is powered by high pressure air. The 13ci cadet comes with a the lengendary 'Hero' reg which is one of the best performing regs in paintball.

The First Strike Scout Sniper is perfect for all types of paintball scenarios, especially mag-fed paintball. If you happen to be in a country with restrictive gun laws and you just want to plink in your own space and at your own pace, this First Strike paintball sniper rifle is an excellent addition to your arsenal.  

First Strike Paintball Sniper Rifle specs:

The FS Scout doesn’t just deliver great paintball shots, thanks to its aluminium construction, Mlok handguard, and attention to every detail means that it's also one of the best looking paintball rifles out there. It’s a quintessential bolt action rifle we’d recommend to any paintball player. Take a look at the specs of the FS bolt action scout rifle:

  • 14” Micro-Honed Barrel
  • You’ll notice the excellent Nelson Based Engine that comes with an Auto-Triggering Functionality
  • Heavy Duty Aluminum Construction
  • Mlok 10” Hand Guard
  • Two 11rnd Magazines Included
  • FS Cadet 13ci 3000psi Air System Included
  • Hard Anodized