Tactical Sling (Olive Drab)

Elite Force 3 Point Tactical Sling (Olive Drab)



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Elite Force 3 Point Tactical Gun Sling Olive Drab

This Gun Sling is built to last, which is why it comes with a lifetime warranty.

With this Gun Sling, you are always ready. One of the most versatile and innovative rifle slings ever made, the Elite Force 3 point Gun Sling is specially designed for tactical and precision sport shooters like you - from military and law enforcement professionals to sport hunters, marksmen.

With its universal applications, the Elite Force Sling can be easily attached to RAP4 paintball guns, rifles, shotguns, and long guns allowing hands-free control of your firearm while always maintaining a ready position.

The Elite Force 3 point sling durable, lightweight, and comfortable. Constructed of high-quality, nylon and polymer plastic, this Sling won't rust when used in inclement weather, and is virtually silent during stealth use.The Elite Force 3 point sling is designed for your comfort. The soft, wide webbing eliminates fatigue and allows the rifle to be sling in ready position for long periods of time. Available in black, olive green, and blue, the Elite Force 3 point sling is designed with your needs in mind.