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Dye Repair Kit

Dye Repair Kit DAM Medium



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The Dye DAM Medium repair kit includes everything you need to maintain your marker and keep you playing for longer!

Eye Wire x1
Eye Pipe Rotating x2
Ball Detent x5
Eye Platform x2
7007 UR90 Hyper Reg O-ring x5
009 BN70 Bolt Stem O-ring x10
010 BN70 Hyper Reg O-ring x5
012 BN70 Bolt Can O-ring x5
013 BN70 Hyper Reg Swivel O-ring x5
014 BN70 Bolt Tip Plunger O-ring x10
013x2mm BN90 Bolt Bumper O-ring x5
015 BN70 Bolt Sail O-ring x10
015 BN90 Bolt O-ring x5
017 BN70 Top Hat O-ring x10
020 BN70 Outer Bolt Sleeves O-ring x10
Front Bumper Bolt x5
8-32x1/4 CTNSNK Shroud Screw x5
8-32x3/16 CTNSNK Frame Mounting Screw x2
DAM Trigger Spring x2
DAM On The Fly Switch x2
4-40x1/8 BTN HD Screw x10
ON/Off Eyes Buttons x2