DSG Powertube Bolt Sleeve for First Strike T15


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Dynamic Sports Gear have developed a Powertube for the FS T15. It replaces stock part AR12A102 with stronger materials and allows you to run an A5 or Autococker Barrel rather than the old push and twist fitting!

The high-quality, finely-honed aluminum material is designed for maximum durability and has a hard-anodized, golden surface. The golden color was deliberately chosen to clearly identify the component as a tuning part. Since it is inside the case, you can't see anything of the eye-catching appearance from the outside.

T15 Powertube Performance Improvemnet

Tests with the new DSG Power Tube have also shown that the marker works more efficiently and consistently after installation. Due to the extremely good fit of the accessory, all components of the bolt have significantly less play than in the series component. This means that the O-rings seal much better and no air is lost. In the tests, 2.5 magazines more could be fired from a normal 200 bar bottle with a 0.2L filling volume. That is equivalent to 50 rounds more firepower from a single bottle filling.

T15 players know how susceptible the marker is to the elements. Depending on the outside temperature, the Re-Cock screw in the trigger unit area of the standard model has to be readjusted and adjusted again and again. That too comes to an end with the new DSG T15 Power Tube. Not only can the Re-Cock screw be turned down significantly, but the marker works thanks to the new Powertube with a very low basic setting, almost constantly in any weather. This is also a reason for the air saving.