Deadlywind Fibur X8 - 10 inch

Deadlywind Fibur X8 - 10 inch



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The Deadlywind Fibur X8 takes the Freak XL inserts making it one of the best paintball barrel systems on the market today.

Normal Porting (4x rows)

This is a 10 inch Barrel is unlike other carbon fiber barrels, the Fibur-X8 barrel is built with a unique 3 layer construction. 2x2 satin Twill external, uni-direction fibers laid up in a strong multi-vector pattern, and then a super slick "Silkfiber" inside that can be safely swabbed. CNC align-bored segment for the insert area, CNC-ported with 4 rows of straight ports, and then hand-assembled and quality checked-- You can't get any more accurate.

Please Note: you'll need a Fibur X thread Back and XL Freak Insert for this barrel to work.