Carbine Magazine Pouch II (CMP2) (1X1) (German Flecktarn)

Carbine Magazine Pouch II (CMP2) (1X1) (German Flecktarn)



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The USMG Carbine Magazine Pouch II (CMP2) is fully adjustable to accommodate many different magazines, including (but not limited to) AR 5.56, AK 7.62, HK 5.56, and AR-style variants of multiple calibers. Designed with speed in mind, the elastic retention tab secures the magazine to the shooter and is rapidly moved to one side to allow instant engagement. Available in 1 X, 2 X or 3 X lateral quantities.

Key features:
-Accepts most magazines
-High-quality nylon materials
-Reinforced stitching
-Elastic retention tab for rapid engagement