Remote Adapter Valve O-ring

Quick Disconnect Adapter (Female) O-ring (Bag of 5)



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Replacement O-ring for the following product.
O-ring Specifiction: 10.5mm OD x 2.0mm

Remote Line On\Off Valve (pre 2010 version that uses gold pin)
Air Tank on/off Valve Adapter, SKU: 1280
Quick Disconnect Adapter (Female),1449
T68 Quick Disconnect Adapter (Female), SKU: 1920

All the following product uses the same o-ring for the Quick Disconnect Adapter Female

Shogun Remote Line, SKU: 942
Shogun Remote Line with Pressure Release Valve, SKU: 1917
Shogun Remote Line with Pressure Release Valve (Pro), SKU: 2671
180 Degree Remote Line, SKU: 303