Stiffi Stealth Barrel

14 Inch Carbon Fiber Tippmann 98 Paintball Barrel | Stiffi Stealth Barrel - 691



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An almost indestructible Carbon Fiber Paintball Barrel is going to return great results when shooting your Paintball Gun. When you purchase your Stiffi barrel you will get technology fused into your barrel. Stiffi uses the same carbon fiber that is used on satellites, missiles and F-117 fighter jets so you know your barrel will be built to last.

Compatible Markers:
- Tacamo Blizzard
- Tacamo Storm
- Tacamo MKV
- Tippmann 98
- U.S Army Alpha Black
- U.S Army Project Salvo
- U.S Carver One
- Sierra One
- Bravo one
- Stormer