Paintball Ammo & Airsoft Pellets


      Choosing The Right Paintball Pellets And Airsoft Ammo

      Paintball ammo and Airsoft pellets are a vital part of either sport. Without the right paintball pellets or Airsoft ammo, you’ll find yourself unable to take the fight to the opposing team, making it that much harder to win. With different calibres available, we’re confident you’ll find the right projectiles for your marker and be ready to enjoy your next match.

      Different paintball markers need a specific size of ammo to work properly. The size is dependent on making sure the pressure used to fire the projectile is at the level it should be. The most common sizes include .43 Cal, .50 Cal, and .68 Cal paintball pellets.

      Choose from our training rounds, allowing you to practise with your favourite markers without using up paintball ammo or creating a mess. These rubber or chalk paintball ammo options can be reused after being cleaned, making them a cost-effective solution.

      There are also First Strike Rounds, which are produced in a different way for better accuracy and flight. These are hybrid paintball pellets, with less paint and fins to set them apart. While they’re available in .50 Cal and .68 Cal sizes, they are only suitable for use with mag-fed paintball markers.

      Airsoft pellets are available for the gun models we have available, ensuring you have an ample supply of Airsoft ammo for your next match. For the best value, we recommend an Airsoft ammo box, which will keep you stocked up for future games no matter when they’re scheduled for.

      With an excellent range of paintball pellets and Airsoft ammo, Modern Combat Sports has everything you need to make sure you’re ready for the next match, wherever and whatever it may be. If you have questions about what paintball ammo is best for your marker, or choosing the best Airsoft ammo box, get in touch with our team today.