Umarex T4E TM4 .43 Cal Paintball Marker Rifle

Umarex T4E TM4 .43 Cal Paintball Marker Rifle


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The T4E TM4 Paintball Mag-fed Rifle is .43 cal rifle with multi-positional firing modes (full auto is disabled for UK customers) 

Umarex's TM4 is based on a M4 assault Rifle and is powered by 12g disposable co2 cartridges that are loaded into the magazine system.

T4E TM4 .43 Cal Paintball Rifle Specs 

The TM4 stock is adjustable in length, and the open sight gives you a clear view of the target.

  • Caliber: 43 Powderballs/Rubberball
  • Magazine Capacity: 14 shot(s)
  • Energy: up to 7.5 joule
  • System: CO2
  • Overall length: 805 – 880 mm
  • Weight: 3.2 KG
  • Trigger: Single-Action