M80 Paintball Airsoft Landmine x 6 Pack-Modern Combat Sports

M80 Paintball Airsoft Landmine x 6 Pack



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NEW - We are now offering x6 Packs of these mines, known as 'A Mine Field in a Box' - with this kit you are sure to catch your opponents off guard and send them out of the game.

Developed for Military Mine-Warfare Training The Landmine is a sub-surface pressure-release land mine developed for military war game training activities where real world simulation is a must. The Landmine is now being used in Paintball and Airsoft markets in order to meet the growing demand for BSD's (Battlefield Simulation Device). The Landmine uses patent pending technology that makes it inexpensive to operate while giving the realistic effect of an explosion & smoke. That's right. With the optional Burst Tube attachment, the mines actually go bang! A VERY LOUD BANG!

The power source is a standard 12 gram Co2 cartridge and the marking agent is a highly visible fluorescent paint or smoke simulation powder for the maximum effect. The best part is that the mine is totally reusable. Simply refill, replace the 12 gram & Burst Tube and it is ready to go again. The Landmine is not PVC. It is injection molded to very high specifications using a purpose specific poly-carbonate material, the same stuff used in making bullet-proof glass. For players and field owners alike, these mines will generate a level of excitement not seen since the introduction of the Semi-Auto Paintball marker. This mine is a non-pyrotechnic, field legal product that complies with standard regulations regarding such devices. Reservoir capacity is 12 ounces. Each mine comes with a standard non-exploding Flail Tube attachment.