MCS 468 Magfed Paintball Guns


      The MCS 468 magfed paintball gun is the most realistic mil-sim paintball marker to ever be designed. As one of the most recommended magfed paintball markers, it comes as a great value for money gun for entry-level magfed paintballers looking for high-end design, specs, and lookalike experience.

      This magfed paintball gun range has been tested to give you an endurance-focused paintball marker. Whether thrown off a roof, run over by a 4x4, sunken into a lake, or hit with another paintball gun - the MCS 468’s can take it all and keep going. The beauty of the 486 magfed paintball gun lies in its ergonomics which have been kept true to its real-life counterparts in the M4/M16 family of battle rifles. 

      MCS 486 paintball guns have a natural point of aim, a two-part receiver, and the ability to swap the entire upper receiver. Want to change your barrel, handguard, or any other accessory that’s attached to your handguard? No problem! The 468 magfed paintball marker makes it possible to do in seconds. Add speciality-fitted receivers and adapt your RAP4 468 paintball gun to fit your needs, skills, or training scenario.

      This RAP4 magfed paintball gun range serves the military, police communities, and can add to your training should you wish to add a 468 paintball marker to your collection. These paintball guns belong to our favourites as one of the most realistic replicas. If you want to know more about the RAP4 468 magfed paintball guns get in touch via phone at +44(0)7402848378 or email us at and we’ll talk you through the specifics.

      Curious how we did with the 468 magfed paintball guns? Take a look at our video here, you’ll be able to witness how we stripped the paintball gun down to its lower receiver in just under 30 seconds (no tools or even an Allen key included!)