Paintball Player Pants


      Paintball pants are a training staple whatever your experience! They will keep you well protected from paintball hits whilst dodging shots as you slide from bunker to bunker. This means the best paintball pants need to be tough but easy to move in, well-padded but not weigh you down when they get wet. Luckily, the trousers we stock are designed to be lightweight for agile and easy movement, whilst being tough enough to endure outdoor conditions and high levels of movement. 

      To ensure peak performance our paintball trousers feature zipper thigh pockets to store any equipment, cooling and venting mesh to retain and improve airflow and padded knees and groin to avoid any unwanted accidents. Trousers for paintball are a sizeable investment, but they are made to last and ensure safety which makes them well worth the money in the long run. If you regularly train then you’ll definitely want to make the purchase.

      Don’t miss out on getting kitted out in full combat clothing, as well as protective paintball trousers, we also have a full range of protective clothing for paintball players. You think these pants look cool? Just wait until you see more of our performance clothing and accessories. From neck protection to elbow pads, our stock is guaranteed to ensure maximum protection and get you ready to train in no time!

      Discover our range of state of the art combat pants below! If you would like more information on the different paintball pants we sell, feel free to give us a call at +44(0)7402848378 or send us an email at