Paintball Gun Handguards, Tactical Rails & Grips


      Paintball Gun Handguards, Tactical Rails & Grips

      We stock a huge range of handguards, tactical rails, and grips that are suitable for paintball and Airsoft markers. A lot of these handguards and grips are based on and licensed by real firearms companies, such as Noveske and Troy Industries. This means you can be sure our paintball grips are reliable and aimed at improving your performance. We carry handguards and tactical rails to fit the most popular paintball markers, so there’s an option for every player.

      How Handguards And Tactical Rails Can Improve Your Marker

      There’s nothing worse than losing your grip on your paintball gun when in the middle of a match. The right paintball grips and handguards will mean you have a good hold and improve your accuracy with every shot. Tactical rails also make sure you have the components needed for your marker in every match - that can be the difference between victory and defeat.

      Paintball grips and handguards come in different shapes and sizes to suit any marker and player. This means there’s something for everyone, no matter what you’re looking for. Choose from paintball grips and handguards like the M4 Carbine Handguard, the NightStrike Sidewinder Angled Fore Grip, the Thunderstorm Keymod Handguard, and many more. For tactical rails, there are options such as the M16 Handguard Rail, the Dovetail Rail, and others.

      At Modern Combat Sports, we have a fantastic selection of paintball grips, handguards, and tactical rails for you to choose from. Making sure you have a good grip on your paintball marker will give you the confidence to take on any arena and opponent. Get in touch with the team now and we’ll answer any questions you have, making sure you pick the right paintball grips, handguards, and tactical rails