Paintball Guns

Paintball Guns today have come a long way from the farm and foresting tools to the guns that MCS UK sell now.

We stock a wide range of Paintball Guns, so whether you're looking for a low end Paintball Gun - under £200 , Mid-Range £200-£450 or high-end £450+ then Modern combat sports UK have you covered from major brands such as First Strike Paintball, Umarex, Tippmann Sports, Valken and MCS. 

We've become specialists in Mag-fed Paintball Guns and our high levels of stock include true Paintball Sniper Rifle like the bolt action  468 DMR and FS scout. We've also got AR15 look alikes such as the 468,  FS T15 and Tippmanns TMC. As well as keeping the guns on the shelf we keep the parts close at hand, so in the unlikley event that something does go wrong MCS UK have you covered.

If you can't find what you need or you just need some friendly advice to point you in the right direction of which paintball gun to buy then please Email or call +44(0)7402848378

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