Paintball & Airsoft Tactical Vests


      Paintball & Airsoft Vests For Every Player

      With our range of paintball and Airsoft tactical vests, we make sure every player has the protection they need while also giving them a durable and versatile piece of kit that can help them improve their style of play. Not only are these realistic paintball vests durable, but they can be customised with pouches and gear so you can carry everything you need in each game.

      An Airsoft or paintball tactical vest is a must-have piece of kit in our eyes. You’ll take the edge off every pellet that hits you and you can camouflage yourself while in the arena, helping you sneak up on unsuspecting foes. With all the pockets and pouches Airsoft tactical vests come with, you won’t have to worry about the equipment and supplies you want to carry - as they have plenty to use, and there’s space to add more.

      You’ll find a great selection of tactical vests for Airsoft and paintball players in our range. We recommend the USMG Tactical Molle Vest, the USMG Grenadier Molle Modular Armour Vest, and the USMG Molle Gunner Armour Vest among many others. Whether you’re looking for a paintball vest or an Airsoft vest, you can find a quality tactical vest that will handle all the wear and tear you throw at it with us.

      With our paintball vests and Airsoft vests at Modern Combat Sports, we’re confident you’ll find the perfect piece of kit to match the rest of your gear. Whether you want a lifelike experience while you play or just want the extra protection an Airsoft tactical vest offers, you’ll find it in our range. If you have any questions about our tactical vests for Airsoft and paintball players, get in touch with the team today and we’ll make sure you pick the right one.