Great Paintball Accounts To Follow On Social Media

Paintball is a fast-paced game, but it’s so much more than people think. To start with, you might assume it’s a bunch of people running around a field with paintball guns and nothing much else, but tactics and teamwork are big parts of the sport - as is having fun.

For the casual player, that’s all they need to know. They’re playing to enjoy themselves and have a good time.

For some players, they want to take their game to the next level. Whether that’s pro or semi-pro, there are teams and tournaments that offer a more competitive experience. The players taking part in these events are a step up, and to compete on their level, you’ll need to make sure your skills are up to scratch.

Practise is one of the best ways to improve, as is regular matches. Nothing beats muscle memory and honing your skills by doing, yet there’s so much advice and fresh content out there that you might find some new ideas by browsing social media.

We’ve pulled together some great places to get tips and ideas on how to improve your paintball game and skills.

Follow the Top Pro Paintball Teams

If you want to see what happens with the best players across the world of paintball, it’s a good idea to look at what the pro teams are doing. The content they share will focus on them and their players, and you’ll see just how the best players perform and how they work together.

While there are hundreds of great teams across the globe, here are just a few to get you started.

San Diego Dynasty

One of the most well-known professional paintball teams is San Diego Dynasty, which also featured one of the greatest paintball players of all time, Ollie Lang. The success Dynasty has achieved over the years makes it easier to see why they’re so popular, and they continue to engage with fans and paintballers everywhere. You can see what they’re up to on Facebook and Instagram.



Edmonton Impact

Edmonton Impact are a leading Canadian paintball team and are regularly seen as world leaders in the sport. Their results, competitive edge and impressive teamwork sets them apart from a lot of the other pro teams, and they’re definitely one to follow if you want to pick up tips from how they play. You can follow Edmonton Impact on both Instagram and Facebook.

Tampa Bay Damage

Tampa Bay Damage are another well-known team, and they’ve branded themselves as well as any other. Their quality is seen on and off the field, and if you want to have a chance at turning pro one day, seeing how other players do it can really help. There’s more to it than just being a great paintball player, and you’ll see how Tampa Bay Damage and their players go about things by following them on Instagram and Facebook.

Russian Legion

As one of the leading teams in Europe, Russian Legion has a huge following and it’s clear to see why when you see them play. A more determined and focused team you’ll be hard-pressed to find, and there’s plenty you can learn from their teamwork and efficiency. There are a lot of European teams, but if you want to learn from the best players, follow Russian Legion on Facebook and Instagram.

UK Predators

The UK Predators are a great British team doing well amongst stiff competition. We’re not short of great teams in the country, but we’re still emerging as a player in the competition. See how the players of UK Predators perform and what they’re doing to compete at the top level and you’ll see how much time and dedication it takes to really make it at this level. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram.



Find Great Paintball Content

While pro teams are a great source of inspiration and tips from pro players, the sport goes far beyond this. There are whole communities out there that can answer your questions, let you meet like-minded people and offer advice and tips on your skills, paintball guns and protective gear like tactical vests, and even where to play.

There are so many to choose from, but here are a couple.

Paintball Nation

One of the biggest sources of literally anything paintball related can be found at Paintball Nation, and across their social platforms. From articles, videos, forums and social media communities, you can be sure of finding almost anything and everything here. Their Facebook page offers a good selection of the best content, too.

Paintball Magazine

For something closer to home, Paintball Magazine is aimed at paintball players in the UK and releases new content regularly, with a full magazine release every quarter. From news on new gear to suggestions on where to play and what teams, clubs and organisations you can get involved with, you’ll find lots to choose from. Their Facebook page is a great source of content, too.

These Paintball Players Are Worth Following

There are some amazing paintball players across the world who you could find and follow on social media. Each offers their own take and insight into the sport, so it’s worth finding some of them and seeing what they do to get to and remain at the top. Here are just a few.

Ryan Greenspan

Ryan Greenspan has had a fantastic paintball career, and is one of the founding members of San Diego Dynasty, one of the most well-known pro paintball teams in the world. Ryan regularly gets involved in the community and is a great source of advice and ideas - especially his Twitter and Instagram accounts.


Thomas Taylor

Pro paintballer Thomas Taylor is worth checking in on. While paintball is a theme, there’s content on a lot more topics across his Twitter and Instagram accounts that you don’t want to miss. As important as the sport is to him, he knows there’s more to enjoy, too, and that’s a hard balance to find.

Ollie Lang

Ollie Lang was - and in some circles still is - considered the best paintball player in the world, and made a huge difference to every team he played in. His achievements speak for themselves, and while he has since retired and moved on, you can find older content on his social media platforms like Twitter.

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