Choosing Your First Paintball Gun

So, you’ve played a few games of paintball and decided it’s something you’d like to take a bit more seriously. That means getting some good gear and your own paintball gun, so you can stop renting them from the arena you’re playing at.

That’s a good move, but with so many different models to choose from, with different prices and features, how do you know where to start?

Well, our team of experts at Modern Combat Sports have put their heads together to give you thor recommendations on what the best paintball guns are for players looking for their first model.

About Your First Paintball Gun

Paintball guns on a table after being checked and prepared for us

When thinking about your first paintball gun, we know there’s lots to think about. You could get lost in the features and details of each model, but these might not be the most important factors - at least at this stage in your paintball journey.

We’ve made a list of things to think about first, before you start looking at individual paintball guns, so you can get an idea of where to start and what to look for. Once you have a list of models, you can then compare their features to find the right one.


There are plenty of well-known brands behind paintball guns, and there are some lesser known names and even unbranded models. Which option you choose will affect the price and quality of any paintball gun you buy.

We’d recommend a named brand, especially one with a good selection of models and reviews to back up their pedigree. You’ll pay more, but they are going to last longer, be better quality and easier to find mod kits and replacement parts when needed.


Possibly one of the biggest factors you’ll need to settle on is the budget you have. Paintball guns can range from fairly cheap to very expensive. Brand matters, but so do features, specialties and more.

Set a budget and see what’s available in that range. There’s nothing stopping you from upgrading at a later date, but no matter the model you choose, think about how long it will last and whether a bit more investment will save you in the long run.

Magfed Vs Hopper Fed

Of the ways paintballs are fed into your paintball guns, magfed and hopper fed are the main ones. Most paintball guns will choose between one of these two methods.

Hopper fed is more common, as they can hold - and feed - up to 200 paintballs before needing to be refilled. This means you can play for longer before reloading, and this can make all the difference. If you’re too violent or abrupt in your movements, though, you can see blockages or even burst pellets. This is harder to resolve in the middle of a game.

Magfed models are less likely to jam, but they also hold fewer pellets. This means you need to be much more tactical with your shots in each game.

Mechanical Vs Electrical

Mechanical paintball guns are more common, and are generally the better option for your first paintball gun, we think.

They are proven and require less maintenance than electrical paintball guns. Not only are the electrical models more expensive, but they must be cleaned and maintained more often. You’ll also need different hoppers for them compared to mechanical paintball guns.

You also need to check that the arena you play at allows these models to be used.

What are Some Great First Paintball Guns?

Paintball guns on a table and ready to use

With all this in mind, there are still plenty of paintball guns to choose from. We’ve gathered some of our favourite models that are used by beginners and more advanced players alike.

We recommend you look at these models closely and see what else is out there. You might find something more suited to you or that’s cheaper to get to grips with the sport a bit more. Definitely keep these in mind, however.

Tippmann Cronus Tactical Edition Paintball Gun

One of the most popular intro paintball guns has to be the Tippmann Cronus Tactical Edition Paintball Gun. This model has gone to great lengths to be realistic thanks to the build and features it has, which are similar to the model it was based on in military use. Tippmann is a popular brand known for quality, and the mods available make it easy to customise to your needs. You can rely on this model for a long time.

Tippmann TMC Mag-Fed Paintball Gun

The Tippmann TMC Mag-Fed Paintball Gun is another option from the popular Tippmann brand, but steps things up a notch. This model works either as mag-fed or hopper fed to suit your needs and you can find plenty of mod kits and replacement parts with ease. You’ll get the reliability Tippmann is known for as well as their easy to use and expert design. This is a model that you can grow with and develop your skills for a long time.

Planet Eclipse EMEK 100 .68 Cal Paintball Gun 

A great first choice is the Planet Eclipse EMEK 100 .68 Calibre Paintball Gun, which is a sturdy, lightweight gun where very few things can go wrong. It’s easy to clean and maintain, and without any electrical elements, you know exactly what you’re getting from using it. It’s hopper fed, so you can decide how many paintballs are used each time. It’s packed full of features you’d find on a more expensive paintball gun, too, making it a great choice for beginners and more advanced players.

Choosing a Great Paintball Handgun

Paintball handguns lined up and ready to use

Once you’ve chosen your paintball gun, you might want to start looking at a paintball handgun to add more variety to your game.

These are smaller, light models and can give you the edge at closer distances or between reloading your larger model. There are different styles and models to choose from, but the same considerations we talked about earlier apply.

We’ve selected two of our favourites to get you started. 

Tippmann TipX Paintball Pistol

The Tippmann TipX Paintball Pistol is one of our most popular and well-used models out there. It’s a high quality paintball gun that benefits from Tippmann’s reliability and sturdiness while also being mainstream enough to work with a lot of accessories and mod kits to make it truly your own. It uses .68 calibre paintballs, which is the standard among larger models, so no need to carry different types of pellets.

Umarex T4E TPM1 Glock Paintball Pistol

The Umarex T4E TPM1 Glock Paintball Pistol is a great option for a paintball handgun, and is used by new and advanced players alike. It’s lightweight and sturdy, so it works well in plenty of different paintball arenas. On top of that, there are plenty of accessories that will fit it, such as holsters, to make it easier to carry around.

Want to Know More About Paintball Guns?

Use these suggestions to give you a headstart on choosing your first paintball gun. Whatever model you decide on, remember that there are plenty of paintball supplies and equipment to choose from that will help transform your game and style of play.

If you’d like to know more about choosing the right paintball gun, get in touch with our team and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have and point you in the right direction.