5 Ways To Outsmart Your Opponents In Paintball Games

Paintball is a fast-paced, frantic game where you have to make decisions on the fly. Every paintball game changes with each player eliminated, as the tide swings back and forth. It’s easy to get caught up in the moment and make decisions that, if you had the time to think through, you wouldn’t.

Especially in those games where the competition is fierce, you’ll want every edge you can get to help you achieve victory. There are plenty of paintball tips and tactics out there that you can learn with enough time, practise and experience, but there are some very simple things you can do that other players often forget about or overlook, too.

Use These Paintball Tips And Tactics To Outsmart The Other Team

Remembering the basics is often underrated among more experienced players. Their paintball guns might have more features and they perhaps have learned shortcuts to certain goals or tactics. While the goal is to win, not all games have time limits. Rushing to the goal as opposed to taking a steady approach can bring certain defeat.

We’ve put together a list of some fundamental paintball tips and tactics that, if you keep refining, will help you get the most out of every paintball game.

Just because something is obvious doesn’t mean you can’t learn something or improve your own technique, after all.

1 - Take Cover

Taking cover during a paintball game

One of the most basic paintball tips is to minimise ow much of a target you present to your opponents. Cover can come in many different forms, from walls to trees, ruins to forts and much more.

The ideal kind of cover is where you can hide most of your body from being hit while being able to see and shoot at your opponents. This is a balance, as you’ll find few places where you’re totally safe. This will help you stop getting shot with a paintball gun.

Your opponents will be watching for these areas, too, and take measures to get around or behind anyone staying in one place too long. Make use of good cover, but don’t stay in one place for too long or you’ll find yourself in a stalemate.

2 - Keep Moving

While taking cover is useful and can help you outlast a lot of your opponents, you don’t want to stay still for too long. Not only does this get boring, but it gives the enemy team a chance to come at you from other angles.

Move often to make sure you don’t present an easy target to your opponents. This means short bursts rather than long runs, and change direction a lot. Zig-zagging is a good tactic, as you can throw off an opposing player targeting you until you reach cover.

Crawling under or behind cover can also be really effective, as you will be harder to spot and surprise the other team as well.

3 - Keep An Eye On Your Gas

Between each paintball game, check your gas levels. With rentals, this is something you might not have to worry about much as each paintball marker should be ready for upcoming games, but it doesn’t hurt to check between each round.

When the gas drops below a certain point, you’ll notice your paintballs don’t reach as far as they should and your aim will be off. This is a distraction during a game and can make it harder for you to hit opposing players and win.

When you use your own marker, this is your responsibility so getting into the habit of checking regularly will save you a lot of hassle in the future.

4 - Don’t Use Paintballs From The Floor

Paintball pellets in someone's hand

We get the temptation. You’re running a bit low on paintballs and you see a bunch of pellets on the ground beside you. Letting them go to waste seems like a shame, and it’ll replenish your own supply, so why not scoop them up and feed them into your hopper?

It’s possible that the paintballs have been compromised and could leak after entering the hopper. This will clog and jam your marker, which will end your paintball game very quickly. Other debris, such as dirt, small stones, twigs and leaves will have the same effect. This is something to avoid as cleaning everything takes too much time and you’ll miss out on all the fun.

5 - Keeping Your Paintball Gun Up

Keeping your paintball gun up and ready to fire

Don’t let your paintball marker fall to your side at any time, but especially when running. When you want to take a shot, it takes an extra second or two to lift and aim. It might not sound like a lot, but this could be the difference between hitting an enemy or being struck yourself.

Keep your paintball gun up and ready to fire, so whether you’re on the move or behind cover, you can always fire fast. Whenever you notice your marker by your side, bring it back up. Hold that position while you practise, too, so it becomes natural. You’ll become a lot more efficient that way.

Watch, Learn And Practise New Skills With Every Paintball Game

With every paintball game you play in, watch what others are doing. See if their tactics work or how you can improve or modify them to suit your style of play. Watch games you don’t participate in, too, where you can get a wider view of what’s going on. Find these skills and practise them so that in your next game, you’re ready to put them into practise.

If you have any questions about how to improve your paintball game, get in touch with our team and we’ll see what we can do to help.