USMG Molle Battle Belt - Olive Drab

USMG Molle Battle Belt - Olive Drab



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The Spartan Battle Belt VII (SBB7) is a lightweight, low-drag, padded MOLLE belt. Designed by combat veterans of Operation Iraqi Freedom, the SBB7 surpasses any battle belt on the battlefield in the arenas of quality, simplicity, and comfort. Made from Cordura and other combat-proven materials, the SBB7 is a vital part of any combatant's kit. Its strategic padding drastically improve the shooter's comfort during long operations. Derived from the Spartan series of combat research, the SBB7 is the product of thousands of hours of experience in Baghdad's red zones.

Key features:
-Cordura nylon
-All-nylon quick clip for added durability
-Rapid donning/discarding for emergency situations
-Ultra-strong MOLLE loops
-Fully adjustable: one size fits all
-Liquid-resistant padding
-Four D-rings for LBE integration