USMG Shoulder Holster III (SH3) (Black)-Modern Combat Sports

USMG Shoulder Holster III (SH3) (Black)



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The USMG Shoulder Holster III is designed to hold your mid-sized sidearm in a muzzle-rearwards position under your right arm. The nylon straps cross your back to distribute the pistol’s weight evenly, and they secure on your right side to your belt to keep the holster in place. This “FBI-style” rig has long been favored by those who wear jackets and sport coats, as it conceals the pistol effectively while offering unrestricted access to it from just about any position.

Paintball players use this holster to secure a mid-size backup sidearm—like the RAP4 P99, RAP226 or RAP17—to their bodies when they don’t have belt or vest space for a more traditional holster. Role players like how it keeps their marker handy, while keeping their hands free to manipulate props or appear nonthreatening.

Key Features:

- Ballistic nylon construction
- Distributes weight across shoulders
- Discreet
- FBI-style