Tippmann TCR MagFed Paintball Gun-Modern Combat Sports

Tippmann TCR MagFed Paintball Gun



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The TCR MagFed Paintall Gun has come about from the success of the Tippmann TiPX Paintball Pistol.

  • Uses Tru-Feed 7 Ball Magazine and the new 12-Ball Extended Mag.
  • First Strike Compatible
  • New Quick Release Cam System Opens Left or Right for 12 gram Co2 quickload
  • Built-in dropdown Remote Line Adapter
  • Modular Design for Shrouds or Stocks to create different looks
  • Converts to Standard Hopper Feed
  • Adjustable Flip Top Sights
  • Vertical Folding Handle with Tool-Less Slide adjustment
  • Collapsible stock with adjustable cheek rest and spare magazine holder