Tippmann 16

Tippmann 16" StraightLine Rifled Barrel - Tippmann 98 - Black



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The Tippmann Straightline barrel manufactured by Hammerhead is a gun-drilled barrel that incorporates spiral rifling to enhance ball rotation for improved ball flight and unmatched accuracy. It includes three seamless connection sizers (.688, .686 and .683), which can be used to match the dimensions of a paintball to barrel radius for optimal air efficiency. It also features a removable, military-style muzzle break with reverse porting to enhance performance and provide an authentic look.
The StraightLine barrel will fit all Tippmann shrouds and foregrips for Tippmann X7 and A-5 markers.
Straightline barrels are NOT compatible with the Apex barrel tips.

X-7 markers require you to remove the TA10003 Barrel Spacer for installation. You will need to remove front sight and the 4 screws from the left side of the shroud to split the shroud for access.