TechT Tippmann Squishy Paddles - Original



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The Squishy Paddles are made from a much softer rubber than the stock A5, X7, 98, and even the newest Phenom Cyclone Feed Paddles.

The Squishy Paddles have been designed to increase the amount of paddle surface area that actually touches each ball.

This is accomplished by rounding all the edges on the paddles, and molding each so that its as gentle on the paint as possible. Our super-soft paddle material is unmatched in the paintball industry.

At TECHT we realized there is a fine balance between a good paddle and a great paddle. Too soft and the paddle will strip from the axle, to hard means more ball breaks. Our paddles are the perfect mix of both. With integrated features like our inter-lock system that insure your cyclone feed will function properly for years to come. It's easy to see why TECHT Squishy Paddles are the first choice of Tippmann Owners EVERYWHERE!

Original Squishy Paddles

TECHT is the Original Creator of the Squishy Paddle and is considered to be the BEST when it comes to Tippmann Upgrades. Our parts are known for the highest quality and are backed with unmatched customer service. The Squishy Paddles carry the same Lifetime Warranty as all TECHT Parts.

Our Original Squishy Paddle set comes with the standard bottom paddle and our standard top paddle. By not including our DS top paddle we were able to lower costs significantly for our customers to ensure that everyone can afford one of the best products to ever hit the market for Tippmann Users.