Stingray RIS Rail Cover (8x)

Stingray RIS Rail Cover (8x) (Black)



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Protect your hands, your gear, and your mil-spec Rail Interface System rails with the RAP4 Stingray RIS Rail Covers! Exposed RIS rails are uncomfortable to hold, and can snag on your gear, slowing down your ability to get on target. When you play intensely in the woods, your gear gets banged up...but your RIS rails need to maintain their crisp edges so your expensive accessories can hang on tightly.


Protect yourself, protect your rails, and get on target snag-free when you cover the exposed rail sections with the Stingray RIS Rail Covers! Featuring durable polymer construction, these covers simply slip onto your rails to provide a better gripping surface, protect the rails, and protect your hands! Militaries all over the world use them...and now, so can you.


Key Features:
- Protects your hands from sharp RIS rails
- Protects your RIS rails from damage
- Provides comfortable grip on your handguard
- Durable polymer material
- Four different size covers
- Fits all standard 20mm RIS Rails