Internal Flexi Air Kit for Tippmann X7 (Marker not included)-Modern Combat Sports

Rear Stock Air Kit for Tippmann X7 Paintball gun


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If you have a Tippmann X7 Paintball Gun then this air adapter and line is what you need to run a Paintball Air tank straight out of the back. Easy to install, it takes about 10 mins and leaves you with a more versatile Paintball Gun.


Key Features Include:

- Aircraft-grade aluminum adapter for durability

- Includes Flexi Air Hose, Tombstone, Flexi-Air Adapter

- Precision milled for a wobble-free fit

- Adds true custom functionality to your marker

- Ready to accept your tank or RAP4 / Tacamo stock


Package Includes:

x1 Flexi Air Hose for Tippmann X7
x1 Tippmann X7 Flexi Air Adapter
x1 Flexi Air Tombstone for Tippmann X7

This Flexi Air Kit doesn't include air option and stock.