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Hammerhead Paintball Gauge Sizer



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How do I use the Ball Gauge? When sizing your paint it is best to measure more than one ball. Paint size varies even in the same bag of paint. The best paint-to-bore match allows the ball to slide through the Fin with a little bit of resistance from your pinky-finger or enough to blow the ball through the fin.

Hammerhead Paintball Gauge Sizer

A good rule of thumb for sizing your barrel is a little looser is better than too tight. You should be able to push the ball through the ball sizer with your pinky finger with some resistance. The ball should not fall through and you should not have to force the ball through. Also, remember close up your paint from bag to bag. Moisture and temperature will cause the water vapor in the air to be absorbed by the balls resulting in ball swell. All you need is a pin hole in your paint ball for vapor pressure to make its way into your paint. We suggest monitoring your paint size with a ball gauge several times a day when playing to confirm bore and paint match. It is also a good idea to store your paint in the shade in a cool environment if at all possible (an ice chest with no water is excellent).