Hammerhead 14 Inch Batttlestikxx .684 - Barrel Only-Modern Combat Sports

Hammerhead 14 Inch Batttlestikxx .684 - Barrel Only



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BattleStikxx 684 is specifically made for "Small caliber" paint. We consider any paint 0.684 or less, small caliber. Even when using sizers, the greater the difference between the ball size and barrel front results in reduced accuracy, distance and air efficiency for any barrel. As a result, we are making the small bore barrel at our players request. The barrel is specifically designed for small bore paint to achieve significantly improved accuracy, air efficiency, and distance. Because the Battlestikxx .684 has the exact same thread specifications used in with all Hammerhead products, the Battlestikxx .684 can be used in conjunction with all existing Hammerhead fins and muzzles.