FSC / 8.1 Freak Paintball Barrel by Ammotech



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Ammotech Paintball have brought the paintball world the first Freak Insert Barrel for the First Strike FSC and 8.1 Paintball Pistols! The FSC Freak Barrel by Ammotech is a straight replacement for your FSC stock barrel that allows you to use Freak Inserts . Freak Inserts allow you to match your paintballs to the correct internal diameter, this gives you better consistency, better efficiency and ultimately better accuracy!

The Ammotech Paintball Barrel will take your paintball game to the next level and is well worth the investmnet whatever level of player you consider yourself. 

A freak insert is needed to use this barrel, these are not included. 

Ammotech FSC Freak Barrel System Specs:

  • 6 inch Freak Insert Compatible
  • Length 180mm
  • Weight 95grams
  • Material Aircraft grade alumunium
  • Manufactured and designed in the United Kingdom