Woodland camo  Elastic Strap for paintball googles, silicon backed to stop slippage and available for Empire Events, Eflexs, Helix, Vfroce Grills and JT paintball goggles

Exalt Paintball Goggle Strap Camo



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Exalt Paintball Old School Camo Goggle Strap

Exalt Goggle Straps are an addition to the Exalt "Custom" line. The Exalt Custom Goggle straps are the first after market straps that come with OEM \ Original Equipment Manufacturer hardware from each manufacturer. Exalt are the first and only company to offer after market, completely custom straps for Empire, GI Sportz \ VForce goggles and JT goggles. The rear of the strap is emblazoned with high-density lime silicone printing, keeping the strap in-place and secure during use.