Ammotech ATX-9 TiPX XL Freak Paintball Barrel

Ammotech ATX-9 TiPX XL Freak Paintball Barrel



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The ATX-9 TiPX Freak Barrel by Ammotech is a straight replacement for your Tippmann pistol stock barrel that allows you to use Freak Inserts , these allow you to match your paintballs to the correct internal diameter, this gives you better consistency, better efficiency and ultimately better accuracy!

The ATX-9 Ammotech Paintball Barrel will take your TiPX pistol to the next level and comes with a 7/8th threaded tip that allows you to add any 7/8th threaded mock silencer or muzzle. 

A XL freak insert is needed to use this barrel, these are not included. 

Ammotech ATX-9 TiPX XL Freak Barrel Specs:

  • XL Freak Insert Compatible
  • Tippmann A5 Threaded
  • Length 255mm
  • Weight 75grams
  • Material Aircraft grade alumunium
  • Manufactured and designed in the United Kingdom