SD5K Shroud for Tippmann<sup>®</sup> A-5<sup>®</sup>

SD5K Shroud for Tippmann A-5



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Suppressed Subgun Firepower—Turn the A5 into an SD5K!

Real Action Paintball is proud to offer you the fastest, most durable way to turn your Tippmann A5 marker into one of SOCOM’s favorite tools: the SD5K! With the SD5K Kit, you can turn the A5 you already own into the infamous submachine gun that hunts in the night.

The MP5SD is the fully suppressed, collapsible stock version of the MP5 submachine gun. Used by special forces teams around the world, its distinctive profile comes from the fully integrated suppressor, retractable stock, and thirty round magazine that make it unbeatable in the shadows of our darkest nightmares.

You’ve played with them in video games; you’ve seen them in movies. Now you can own one, and use it to teach opponents a few lessons.

RAP4’s SD5K Kit bolts onto your Tippmann A5, and replaces the backblock with the retractable stock. Slide it forward when you need a compact marker, then ease it out when you need aiming stability to make your one shot elimination.

The SD5K Kit is compatible with factory and aftermarket barrels, like RAP4’s extended length, threaded-muzzle barrels. It doesn’t actually quiet your shots, which would arguably be illegal (without a special tax stamp for a “suppressor”), but gives you the exact look and ergonomics of the fully suppressed MP5.

And your imagination doesn’t have far to go when you bolt on the SD5K Kit and feel the palm-filling “integral suppressor,” hear the click of the retractable stock locking in place, and catch your profile in shadow on the ground—you’re James Bond, you’re a Navy SEAL…you’re a player who takes this game very seriously.

With the SD5K Kit, everyone can see that.

Real Action Paintball—As Real as it Gets!