Camo Wrap (ACU)

Camo Wrap (ACU)



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Finally you can bring any of your guns into the field without worrying about damage from scratches, nicks or worse! And unlike messy tapes, Camo Wrap leaves no sticky residue when removed. This heavy-duty stretch fabric wrap clings to itself as it’s wrapped on the gun. It stays solidly in place and won’t sag, even in wet weather. It conforms to any shape and can be cut and applied to the smallest moving parts.

Camo Wrap dramatically improves grip and insulates hands from uncomfortably hot or cold surfaces and helps prevent guns and bows from slipping in the field. Wrap Camo Wrap around any piece of outdoor equipment to keep it from clanking against other objects. Binoculars, knives, Thermos bottles, flashlights, even outboard motors – you can wrap nearly anything! Washable and re-usable.

Dimensions: 2" wide x 12-ft. long roll.

Follow standard safety precautions when applying Camo Wrap to weapons. Make sure firearm is not loaded, confirm that the safety is in the "on safe" position and point the barrel away from you at all times. Camo Wrap should not interfere with the safety or action of a firearm. If this occurs after application, remove Camo Wrap and reapply in a manner that allows for the proper function of all parts.

(1) Start by holding beginning of roll in place on object.

(2) then stretch and wrap Camo Wrap around desired object.

(3) Overlap the first wrap 1-1/2" then overlap each successive wrap by 1/4 inch.
(4) Camo Wrap can be cut and attached to cover hard-to-wrap areas. DO NOT WRAP MOVING PARTS. DO NOT COVER FLASH SUPPRESSOR VENTS, PORTS OR CARTRIDGE EJECTORS.
For best adhesion apply in temperatures above 40В° F (5В° C).

To Clean & Help Maintain Self-Cling Properties: Remove Camo Wrap from object and hand wash with soap and warm water. Rinse thoroughly and air dry.

Storage: Store Camo Wrap in sealed plastic bag away from direct sunlight and extreme heat.