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RF Transmitter Link (38926)



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Empire RF Transmitter Link Kit For all electronic markers [Prophecy, Magna & BT Rip Clip Loader]

Installs in most electronic guns allowing it to transmit to RF-ready (radio frequency) loaders (Magna, Prophecy). 2.4Ghz


Motor/Loader Circuit

3 Marker Wire Harneses

1 Prophecy RF Wire Harness



Use Transmitter kit on any electronic marker when using Empire Prophecy or Empire Magna loaders

For Prophecy Z2 and Empire BT Rip Clip to be RF capable – (1) Transmitter kit is required for the loader (and may need (1) Transmitter Kit for marker)

The Halo B or Empire Reloader B loaders would require: (1) Empire RF Transmitter Kit plus (1) Magna Upgrade Kit to make the loader RF capable (and may need (1) Transmitter Kit for marker).