Tri-Rail / Mount Riser for Flat Top

Modular Tri-Mount Riser



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The Modular Tri-Mount Riser is exceptionally useful. It mounts to the RIS rails atop most receivers, adding enough elevation to raise the optic high enough to be comfortably used while wearing goggles—your stock won’t interfere with proper alignment when you install your red dot sight or scope to the riser!

Attachment points on each side of the Modular Tri-Mount Riser are ready to accept additional lengths of RIS rail, so you can mount an auxiliary, offset optic, or a host of other accessories like lights, lasers, and even night vision gear! To keep the weight of the Modular Tri-Mount Riser to a minimum, we include two 4.5cm segments of modular RIS rail.

Should you want additional segments for optics with a longer RIS mount or base, you can purchase additional 4.5cm segments above, or add 12.5mm full-riser-length rails as well, and easily install them right where you want them—hence the modularity in the Modular Tri-Mount Riser! Many lights and lasers require only the short length, so those lightweight sections are what we provide standard...but RAP4 is happy to offer you those additional pieces and lengths so you can create a truly customized Modular Tri-Mount Riser!

Key Features:

- Aluminum alloy construction
- Raises sight for use with goggles
- Offers 3 lengths of RIS rail
- Accepts virtually any RIS accessory
- Fully modular design