RAP4 468 MagFed Paintball Guns

Looking for a Mag Fed Paintball Gun? Then It’s time to upgrade to the new 468 - the most realistic mil-sim paintball marker ever designed. Its a high end MagFed Marker at an entry level price, why go with anything else? Its been heavily tested; thrown off a roof, run over by a truck, shot with a shot gun and sunk in a lake - each and every time the 468 MagFed Paintball Gun came out shooting!

Each 468 MagFed Gun replicates the exact ergonomics of the M4/M16 family of battle rifles, their natural point of aim...and the thrilling experience of carrying one into mil-sim paintball action! With a two-part receiver just like an M4, and the ability to swap the entire upper receiver - including the barrel, handguard, and all of the accessories attached to the handguard - for another specially-outfitted upper receiver in seconds, the 468 Mag Fed Paintball Gun provides unparalleled mission adaptability.
In a take down video we got the 468 MagFed Paintball Gun down to just the lower receiver with NO tools in under 30 seconds! (yes that includes the removal of the Mag Well as well - usually a allen key job and four screws on most markers).

RAP4 is proud to drive the paintball industry with revolutionary designs, serve the military and police communities with training equipment that replicates their duty issue gear, and help you have the most realistic fun possible at your scenario games. Our most successful products start in our Research & Development Lab, where Omar and company oversee a high-tech facility that is steeped in cutting edge design from the modern battlefield.
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