Regualtors and Parts

Modern Combat Sports stocks a huge range of paintball regulators for High Pressure Air systems. We have Airsoft Low Pressure regs that return high refresh rates and are set low enough so your airsoft gun stays safe. You'll also find Paintball Burst Disks, Paintball Regulator Gauges, replacemnet fill nipples, if your paintball or Airsoft reg fails we've got what you need to get you back up and running. 


Ninja Low Pressure Regulator for Airsoft

Some Commonly asked questions are 

What are the thread size of a Paintball Air Tank Neck (Part that fits into the bottle)?

it's 5/8-18 UNF

Whats the Size that fits into the Gun or ASA (Air Source Adapter)? 

Its known as CGA 320 which has the following specs of 13/16" (.825") outer diameter and 14 threads per inch. for more details there is a helpful chart at CONCOA Precision Gas Controls

How can I fill a Paintball Tank ?

We'll start with what you can't fill it with, a car compressor isn't going cut it, you'll need something capable of filling up to 200 bar, this type of compresssor can be found at a local dive shop or you can pop into our Paintball Shop. You can also invest in a High Pressure Stirrup pump, but be prepared for this to take some time! Another way to fill, and probably the easiest is to decant from a scuba tank into a smaller Paintball or Airsoft High pressure air tank, to do this you'll need a scuba refill station

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