Paintball Guns

So you want to buy a paintball gun, well you have come to the right shop!

We've got Paintball Guns galore! Entry Level Paintball Guns (cheap) Like the Tippmann FT12 and the Valken Blackhawk Paintball Gun to High End Guns like Dye's M3 and the Dye DAM (Dye Assault Matrix)!

As well as these we specialise in Magfed Paintball Guns, we brought Magfed Paintball Guns to UK shores over 10 years ago, long before there were magfed paintball only events! In fact we ran some of the earliest limited ammo games.

We sell the RAP4 468 including the 468 DMR (a true Paintball Sniper Rifle) , FS T15 Paintball Guns, Tippmanns TMC as well as almost all the parts and many more brands to boot, purchasing a paintball gun can be a tough decision but hopefully with our clear shop layout you can quickly narrow down the choices and make a good decision on which purchase is best.

In the unlikely event you can't see it the paintball guns you want, let us know and we'll try to get the paintball gun that you need! (Email or call 01594546477)

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