Paintball Air Tanks

Paintball Air Tanks come in many different sizes in the Paintball industry today. As well as a different range of different sizes you also have material differences. 

First Strike make Ultra Light Carbon Fiber Tanks in 5 different sizes, their 48 ci carbon fiber tank is one of the smallest you can find and is ideal for the young player or those playing pump. The 68 ci 1.1l is the best selling carbon fiber sytem and these Paintball Air Tanks are used by the best Paintball Teams playing the game! They also come in monster sizes for the scenario player, these are designed to keep you in the game for longer, a 88ci and the 100ci, they're big! 

For those on a budget there are the more affordable alumunium 3000psi Paintball Tanks. The First Strike alumunium range come in 4 sizes, they're tiny 2 inch diameter 13 ci air tank, their larger but perfectly formed 22 ci (this size is only available in the UK from RAP4 UK), their 48 ci and 62 ci tanks are a must for the scenario player and will never let you down , these are ideal for the Paintball Starter.

As well as making the best paintball air tanks they also make the best paintball air accessories. First Strike's low profile one piece Myth regulator is legendary amongst players, it's super efficient and easily rebuilt with the use of just a hex key that can be found in any player kit bag.

The Cobra Coil is quite simply the best Paintball Remote Line in the business, tested to 300 bar burst point, it's safe, reliable and easy to use, it wont let you down.

RAP4 UK stock all First Strike parts - you can buy in confidence knowing that we have everything on the shelf and all parts to keep your First Strike products in tip top condition.
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