10 inch tall 4 inch diameter light weight air tanks wrapped in carbon fiber for use with Paintball guns, air guns and Airsoft systems using HPA conversions.

FS Hero Ultra Light 68ci 68/4500psi Carbon Fiber Air Tank



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FS Air formerly known as Guerrilla Air are renowned as a world leading designer and manufacturer of high pressure Paintball Air Tanks and Regulators

These amazing Paintball Air Sytems are Tri Stamped for use around the globe and come fitted with the NEW FS Magnetic Positional Hero Reg, that has a Pro Fill, Nipple and Burst Discs fitted as standard

PLEASE USE FEDEX SHIPPING METHOD (Royal Mail crush air tanks)


68ci Carbon Fiber Air Tank - TRI Stamped

The 68ci Tank will fit our medium air tanks pouches. The tank weighs well under 1 kilogram yet provides around 1200 shots for most markers.


  • 5 Year Hydro Test
  • Tri-Stamped
  • Most Compact
  • Lowest Profile
  • Lightest Weight
  • 1200 Shot Count *varies by gun
  • Volume: 68cu in / 1.11 liter
  • Cylinder + regulator weight: 2.16lb / 0.98kg
  • Service pressure: 4500 psi / 310 Bar
  • Length: 9.52 in. including regulator
  • Diameter: 4.59 in.
  • Fitted with Magnetic adjustable FS Hero regulator
  • Output Pressure - 800-850psi (adjustable using Pressure kits from 250 -1200)