Dye I4 Pro Paintball Mask

Dye I4 Pro Paintball Mask



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The Dye I4 Pro Paintball Goggles takes the best of the Dye I4 System and blends it with the Dye I5's giving you possible the best, Lightest Paintball Mask on the market today!

The Dye I4 Pro comes with an easy to change lens and a padded easy accessible adjustable strap which is controlled by an easy to reach dial which gives you great visibility and ease of use. 

The thermal lens leads the industry in optical clarity and provides a distortion and fog free field of vision regardless of weather. The i4 system also has a variety of lens options to match your lighting conditions.

Dye I4 Pro Paintball Goggle Specs:

  • Anti-Fog Thermal Lens
  • Rapid Lens Change
  • Horizon Peripheral Vision
  • Scream Venting
  • Anatomic Fit & Function
  • Tiger Teeth Strap Retention
  • Compression Formed Ears