Deadlywind Carbon Fiber Barrels

Deadlywind was founded in 2001 with a mission to engineer the best paintball products possible. The company started off with setting up a machine shop to produce custom bodies for Automag paintball markers, the first of which was the Chord body offered in 2002. By 2003 the second version of the Chord was produced, and was sold as a joint AGD/DW product. By 2003 we added the Dallara and the Karta body designs to our lineup. Later we developed the patented 'hAIR Trigger' system for the automag, which was the only mechanical trigger system to offer the rate-of-fire capabilities of an electo trigger. Then in 2005 we introduced the Fibur barrel system, which remains our most popular product line to date. 2007 brought a collection of upgrade bodies for the Ion paintball marker. We also began development of our own paintball gun, the Aedes. We continue development of a marker design and plan to release it only when we deem it ready. And in 2008 we released the lightest bolt in the market for the Ion, called the HollowPoint. But the most important aspect of everything we do at Deadlywind is simple - we do it for fun. And we hope to help you have fun as well.
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