Buttstocks for Airsoft and Paintball Guns

The stock is one of the most important parts of your paintball or airsoft marker. They are used to add structure and stability to all the mechanisms of your marker, which makes aiming more comfortable and softens the recoil when you shoot. The gunstock also provides a way for you to firmly brace the gun and aim with stability as the marker can be held close to your body. 

When choosing the best buttstock, which is the rear part of gunstocks, it is not a case of having a ‘one size fits all’ approach. The stock connects the shooter and marker making it important to choose a stock that is perfectly fitted. Whether you are a beginner or someone with more experience, you will need a butt to be able to take aim and hit the target comfortably!

At Modern Combat Sports, you'll find buttstocks to fit almost every paintball and airsoft marker. We have stocks to fit 13ci's air tanks which are compatible with paintball guns, Airsoft guns and are popular to use on the Sig Sauer MCX. Our stocks offer a range of specs from easy installation buttstocks to adaptable stocks, all of which are made to last. 

Browse our buttstocks for paintball and airsoft guns below! If you are not sure which stocks to choose from or what the differences are between our specs, make sure to give us a call at +44(0)7402848378 or shoot us an email at support@moderncombatsports.co.uk.

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