What Are Paintball Bruises?

Paintball bruises are caused by the impact of the paintball usually on unprotected skin, bare skin or skin thats only covered by a thin fabric, there usually bullseye shaped with a red centre going to white and back out to purple. Large Paintball Bruises can be painful and paintball bruises and welts can last up to two weeks, but on the whole they're more unslightly and you may want to cover them up if you have a meeting on a Monday morning! We are going to let you know how you do that, but better still, how to avoid them!

You've been shot, you've got a Paintball Bruise or a Paintball Welt, how do you treat it?

  • Clean the area if the skins not broken then you can move onto 2.
  • You can apply a cold compress, I'd then use anirca cream, please check that it's safe for you to use before applying it, I've found it to be the best at reducing the aggresive look of a paintball bruise.
  • If you don't want to look like your a member of fight club, then some concealer might be your friend, which brand you use is up to you.
  • If the skin is broken (it's rare) then clean the area and use some antiseptic cream and apply a dressing, light compression will help reduce the swelling.
  • How do I  Avoid the Paintball Bruise or a Paintball Welt in the first place?

    1. Don't play Paintball....Boo, that's not the answer! Paintball is a lot of fun and the best way to raise and release adrenaline, it's also a very safe sport, we play and our children play. 
    2. If we start with the head, then we choose should choose our Paintball Mask or Goggles wisely; full head protection is the safest bet, but also the hotest and steamist on a warm day. Good chin protection and forehead protection are probably what to look for, take a look at our masks here If your set on the best visibility (reccommended) then you might want to invest in neck protection and some extra head protection  A neck protector will lessen the impact of a neck shot. The Exalt Bounce Cap will not only protect your noggin, but you might even get the paintball bouncing rather than breaking, no bruises or long walks back to the respawn point!
    3. Your torso, especially mine, is the biggest area, so the most likley to be hit by a paintball. The best way to protect yourself is using layers, we'd reccommend a shirt, something like an army shirt or a paintball bounce shirt on top of these we'd add a paintball chest protector or a padded paintball vest
    4. For your arms, full coverage is our reccommendation, if you've got to be wear a t-shirt then get some arm protectors or elbow pads. Definately invest in gloves, it's almost a gurantee that the only time someone will shoot you in the knuckles is when you're not wearing gloves...ouch! get gloves that are padded at the knuckle.
    5. Lower down you're in danger of what's referred to as the nut shot! this, like the shot to the hand, will only ever likley to happen when your not wearing protection! You might look like your wearing a codpiece from the middle ages but anyone who is in the know will not even blink at this interesting piece of equipment, take a look at our groin protectors  and don't exagerate and go for 2 sizes to big! If this look isn't for you, then please take a look at the padded slide shorts, these are a good alternative, but for total protection then paintball players pants are the way to go, these arent cheap, but they'll definately save you from having to explain the Paintball Bruises away. 

    After this you might be wondering if Paintball is Safe, So is Paintball Safe?

    yes it is, its got an excellant saftety record and theres probably nothing else like it for raising and releaseing adrenaline, it's taking the best aspects of games like Call of Duty and adding excersise, get out there and try it, and if you want to avoid bruises you now know what to do.

    This advice is given by a player rather than a medical professional, if you're concerned about an injury suffered whilst playing paintball then please seek professional medical advice. 

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