Paintball and Airsoft Goggles

What Goggles / Masks are right for my Paintball or Airsoft Game you ask. This actually requires an indepth reply.

You can get cheap paintball goggles and if you have no option but to go cheap, then these will suit you just fine, but of course you do get what you pay for. Usually cheap goggles and masks will not come with a thermal lens, this means you will get fogging more regularly. The more expensive premium goggles will come with a thermal lens, meaning you fog a lot less. You may also find the cheaper goggles to be not quite so comfortable.

Anti Fog Goggles and Masks

As we said, cheap paintball goggles and masks tend to fog up, there are several ways around this other than buy more expensive goggles, but ultimately in the war against the fog, starting out with premium goggles gives you the best chance, here are some pointers on how to fight the fog;

  • Use a Goggle Fan
  • Use Anti Fog Treatment
  • Keep your lens scratch free and clean
  • Keep your face dry

Goggle Fans are designed to pump fresh air into your mask, some switch on automatically like the Habervision Goggle Fan and others have to be switched on before you go into a game. The thing to consider here is the noise, there will be some and it varies depending on the model. You can checkout all our goggle and mask fans here

Anti Fog Treatment is another way, and can actually be combined, players who have cheap goggles and players who have expensive masks use it. Once applied it should last at least your day of play if applied correctly. Checkout our range of Anti Fog treatment here to up the enjoyment of your game.

Keeping your goggle lens scratch free also helps. We would recommend a goggle case to keep them safe but if you buy spare mask lenses then also the goggle lens case as well. That way you can just throw them straight into your kit bag and not have to worry about them, just make sure you clean the goggles and lenses down prior to putting them in the case so you dont transfer dirt into the cases.

Keeping your face dry is actually a key point here, some people sweat much more than others around the face area. The difficulty here is that on field whilst in play you should not be lifting your mask to wipe your face, so always shout a marshal if you plan to do this to ensure you are kept safe.

We hope this has been an informative article that has helped you. If you are ever in doubt then just give us a call or email so we can assist you!

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